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An amazing movie done by “CaseyResearch” and “RothMultimedia”. The previous article “How China Is Conquering The World” explained that China is taking advantage of so-called “soft-power”, a power that is based on attraction rather than force. With this strategy China trying to build strong relationships with their partners to satisfy its hunger for resources, as exchange they get financial support, investments and a development model to fight poverty. China is also utilizing “soft-power” to reassure its global partners that its rising is not a threat to others.

Main objective of China is to rise peacefully, keeping a low profile and avoiding direct confrontation with the leading nations of this world. The major question that arises is whether China is going to take over the world after it has accomplished its economic goals. In other words, is China going to remain a great power or eventually become a super-power and change the present world-order ? There is a lot of literature on this topic that can be recommended, with many authors that have sophistically tried to answer this question, but none of them has succeeded in making this topic as interesting as Jonathan Roths new movie “China On Top”.


The documentary starts with Hillary Clinton giving a “medal of arts” and “large cash award” to a Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang (蔡国强) in 2012, saying that art is a tool of diplomacy. The performance called “The Black Christmas Tree” is performed live around 3 p.m. in front of the Freer Gallery of Art, where a large christmas tree is being turned into ashes by a series of explosion caused by firecrackers.

Former U.S. assistant under-secretary of defense wonders why the christian symbol is being blown short time before christmas. After some research it turns out that USA has paid for its own symbol to be destroyed by a far-right nationalist. Realizing how far things have gone and how quick and subtle the global order is changing, one wonders what will happen after China has accomplished its economic goals.

China is following the example USA has set, it plays on being the economic power learning from the American model and adapting it to the new players. Becoming a leader in economic terms means to become a leader in political terms.

Will China’s rise lead to a devastating confrontation between China and the US ?


Watch the prequel here :

The Alex Jones Channel/Infowars : Jonathan Roth : China On Top

Watch the trailer here :

CasseyResearch : China

Watch the full-movie here :

CasseyResearch : China On Top

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