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The “Chinese Lucky Coins Tradition” is gaining more attention again recently because of superstitious passengers causing a flight delay by throwing lucky coins into the flight engine. This year one flight was delayed because of a passenger throwing lucky coins into the engine on the Shanghai Pudong Airport, another recent case was an 74 years old lady that was “praying for safety” using lucky coins. Both cases resulted in a long flight delay with coins landing deeply insight the engine and the “feng-shui” practitioners being detained by the police. One flight delayed for more than 5 hours.

Plane mechanics found nine coins – worth around 25 US cents – at the site, including one inside the engine. Another interesting fact is that under Chinese law, a charge of “disturbing work order” could result in five to ten days of detention and a fine of up to 500 yuan (SouthChinaMorningPost)

While the online reports being busy reporting that the suspects did not have a criminal record or mental problems, we rather take a look this gradually infamous becoming tradition.

The Feng Shui Of Lucky Coins

Lucky coins are part of the feng-shui discipline and used for attracting a positive energy of wealth and money. It is the symbol of prosperity that you can find at many places in China. People usually find an area in their home that is mostly connected to money and hang a lucky coins tassel either on a wall or frame it at some place near to the working area. The lucky coins tassel does not have to be in plain sight, you can put it in your safe, wallet or drawer etc.

Always place the lucky coins with the chinese characters side up


Three Coins Tie

Lucky coins are tied together using a red ribbon. The red color adds extra energy to the coins. The number three is a lucky number in China because it represents the three heavens, which are heaven, mankind and earth. Like mentioned in previous article, the red color and numbers are very important in China since each of them is believed to carry meaning and energy. Number four in China is associated with “death”, avoid using four coins because of that. Number 9 is also considered to be a lucky number since it is three times the lucky number three.

How To Use Lucky Coins

Lucky coins can be placed under a welcome mat, inside the cellphone case, carried inside the wallet, or placed inside a fountain that you own. People place a three-tie coin to corners of their new homes or other finances related places like cash-registers in case you own a shop. Since business-people work a lot with their computers, phones and fax machines, lucky coins are also placed underneath these objects.




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