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Confucius The Great Philosopher

Confucius was a great chinese philosopher who lived during the time of warring states around 551-479 BC. He was born at the beginning of the philosophical movement “The Hundred Schools of Thought”. Confucius was a teacher, politician and a philosopher. He was obsessed with the question about what makes a functional  and peaceful society. Most of his philosophy and core ideas are revolving around that question.

Hardships Have Shaped Confucius Into a Legend

The reason for his interest in a functioning society could be his early childhood. Confucius was an illegitimate son of a single mother. Having a very young mother and a very old father, his father died when Confucius was 3 years of age. Growing up in poverty and dealing with a lot of hardships, it was a time of wars and chaos. Being concerned with the society and how to improve it, he was more than just a product of his time.

The Core Ideas of Confucius And His Philosophy

Confucius believed that the integrity of a person is shaped by his family, education and rituals. It was important have the right relationship with your parents, gain the right knowledge from which right action derives and imitate honorable actions of good leaders to become a good leader. Another important thing to Confucius was hierarchy. Every person in relationship to the other was either inferior or superior, for him it was important to embrace these differences and respect the elders. He believed that following these rules would bring peace to society. With his ideas, the Chinese society is still by large part a product of his ideas and values. Since the year 2004 under the rule of HuJintao, the Chinese government has decided to revive the idea of a harmonious society.



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